Trading Strategy Design – Testing & Trading the Strategy

Once you have designed all of components the strategy, you may then want to test it. In order to test a strategy, you have to test each part by adding it to the strategy one at a time, to see if there is improvement and, if so, how much. The first part would be the set-up to see how profitable it is on its own. The next is the entry and see what the [...]

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Strategy Designed For the Meta Traders

FOREX EA shark is an automated system, trades with out any user intervention and returns stable profits. Shark expert advisor is the ultimate intraday trading system, [...]

Trading Strategy Design – Choose Trading Time Frame

After making the decision on what type of market you will trade as I talked about in a previous article, you now come to the making decision as what time frame you will trade. [...]

Trading Strategy Design – Using Exits

Usually, most trading strategies start with defining a signal to take a position in the market. To design the signal we use set-up and entry which have been described in [...]